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Show your space, not your taste!

It is important to remember that home buyers want to see your space, not your taste! Square footage is what will sell your house, not necessarily your eclectic taste.

Pack it Up

Go through each room and pack away anything non-essential, but don't leave the boxes in plain sight, as this might make the buyer think you are anxious to sell your home. Store them in the garage, or the shed, or the basement. These aren't options? What about a friend with some extra space, or even a small storage locker.

Your Taste May Not Be Their Taste

You love that throw cushion with the nautical theme! So do I! But, guess what? Not everybody will. We all have different taste, and that is what makes the world a colourful and interesting place. Save it for your new home, and use neutrals so that potential buyers can imagine their belongings in THEIR new home. Your fun and funky cushion will be right at home in your new space.

Speaking of Neutrals

Remember that the goal is for potential buyers to see themselves in your space. Bright coloured walls might be your thing, but not everybody has your funky style. Strong colours can also make a space look smaller, so if you can swing it in the budget, paint out any bold colours with something more neutral. The return on your investment just might be an offer!

Closing that Sale

You love your home! That's great. You will love your new home too. Your best chance of getting a great offer is to sell the space, not your taste! Clear it out, save your taste for your new place, and neutralize where you can. For more advice and help with staging your home, contact Lisa by clicking here.

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Unknown member
Jun 29, 2020

Lisa came into my house and started off with an apology for possibly offending my taste. The thing with selling your house is that you have to take out your touch and influence. She provided very helpful instruction on how I should set up the different rooms. Her vision was something that was beyond me and I could see the end results which help lead to a very quick sale. If I were to ever sell a house again, I would use her expertise to stage my house.


Unknown member
Oct 30, 2018

So true! I remember selling a house and not neutralizing an acid green wall in the kitchen/dining space. Feedback from potential buyers was that they would have to change it. We should have spent the time and money fixing it!

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