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Simple Décor & Accessorizing

Looking for a space makeover? We offer simple décor and redesign services to create an environment that reflects your lifestyle.

Lisa Beaupré Home Style Solutions can enhance your home with proper selection of accessories, color scheme, art, and furnishings; customized to meet the needs of all members in your household.

We offer personal shopping or can work with what you already have to achieve that space and flair you have always wanted.
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Organizing and Reducing Clutter

Lisa Beaupré Home Style Solutions offers services in organization and de-cluttering to create a space that is warm, orderly and functional.

Re-creating a space that works for your lifestyle; our organizing and clutter-reducing services can help prepare your house for sale, relocation or to simply achieve a healthy balance and peace of mind.

We offer solutions for both home and office space, and will customize services for whatever organizing challenge you have.
Home Staging

Lisa Beaupré Home Style Solutions offers a full range of home staging services that customizes your house for sale, tailored to your needs.

A buyer’s opinion is formed within the first ten seconds of walking through the front door; buyers want to enter your house and immediately envision ‘their home.’ Home staging creates this valuable first impression.

Staging your home:

  • Appeals to more buyers, increasing your odds of a speedier sale (Staged homes spend 46.6% less time on the market than un-staged homes, Real Estate Staging Association)
  • Secures equity and maximizes return on investment
  • Increases its appraisal value
  • Produces photos that are more attractive for print and internet ads
  • Keeps it on the list of must-see properties

We stage both occupied and vacant properties, and work to maximize what you already have to make your home look bigger, brighter, and most importantly, make potential homeowners want to buy it.

Changes can include everything from neutralizing walls, organizing furniture, accessorizing, to creating space and focal points.

Contact us to learn more about home staging and how we can help your home reach its selling potential.
Lisa Beaupré Home Style Solutions helps homeowners achieve that sought-after space at both office and home. Whether you are looking to sell, create a warmer, more organized environment, or simply looking for some professional advice; Lisa Beaupré Home Style Solutions can help your space reach its full potential.

While our bilingual services are customized based on individual need, some of our style solutions include:

  • Space Planning
  • Showcasing 
  • Personal Shopping

Are you looking for something that isn’t listed? Contact us for customizable services; if we cannot help you, we may know someone who can.
Professional Consultations & Advice

At Lisa Beaupré Home Style Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to fit your style, budget and timeline. 

Our professional consultation includes a personalized meet and greet – this helps us identify your vision and the best features of your home. If applicable, we will also complete a walk-through as potential buyers to establish those areas to showcase or improve.

Consultations can either establish our goals for a project, or provide you with the tools and advice to recreate that space on your own. 

Optimizing Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. We will provide recommendations to optimize the image you wish to present to pass-byers and potential buyers.

Suggestions can include everything from landscaping to design, and will ensure your property reflects your vision of the ‘perfect home.’